Published 2022-02-14 00:00:00 UTC 3 Minute read

Singer-songwriter Sasomi releases new mini album "Halcion"

Hip-hop and R&B singer-songwriter Sasomi announced on the 14th that he has released his new mini-album "Halcion."

Sasomi [Provided by IONE ENT]

(Seoul, Yonhap News) February 14, 2022 -- Tae Soo Lee - Editor -- Singer-songwriter Sasomi releases new mini album "Halcion"

Hip-Hop and R&B singer-songwriter Sasomi released a new mini-album [Halcion], his agency IONE ENT announced on the 14th.

Sasomi has released three mini-albums since his debut with the single "Night Without You" in 2020, the artist name Sasomi derived from "Love, Hope, and Faith."

The new album contains five songs, including the title song "Night" and "Burn It" and "Stay," which combine romance and fantasy. The title song "Night" is a song that contrasts the hazy atmosphere with dry rap.

Sasomi said, " 'Night' is a song that I made when I felt the biggest feeling of loneliness, so the lyrics and atmosphere are dark. Even listeners will be able to sympathize with the lonely feelings."

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